Graphic Flavours is owned and operated by Ayelet Fleming, a graphic designer based in Nelson NZ with extensive international experience in brand and print design, advertising, web design and programming, wordpress and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat).

Ayelet Fleming regularly harnesses the services of other skilled businesses and freelancers within her large network to meet with her many clients’ professional needs when appropriate.

Ayelet’s core background is in graphic design, with specific expertise in Flash animation, advertising and working for the leading Advertising and Design companies in Israel between 1996 and 2002.

After leaving Israel in 2002 to travel extensively for 4 years, Graphic Flavours was established in Nelson New Zealand in 2006 with a powerful vision to set new standards in design and customer service, and today not only has a growing number of clients within that district and indeed New Zealand as a whole, but is stamping it’s unique mark on a growing number of international businesses worldwide.

Design Style

Graphic Flavours continual ability to grow and network locally and Internationally has helped broaden our ability to not only work with a diverse amount of people and companies on a variety of design and marketing projects and levels, but also allow us to gauge and stay abreast of the level of professionalism expected and required by a design savvy market that is setting higher expectations daily in an ever shifting and advancing industry.

This, in turn, has succeeded to develop a culture – and one we are proud of – in working extremely closely with our clients, allowing transparency on all levels, in able to find solutions that are highly customised and unique to them, their company or brand, as opposed to more common approaches with generic templates that do little to distinguish you from others.

Our style is visually clean and simple with a touch of flamboyance where needed – in essence, very user-friendly balanced design which stands alone in today’sinformation overload marketplace.


Everything is possible.